Friday, 16 November 2012

Living in the sunshine of Florida!

By Nasiphi Sobahle

Here we are, in sunny Florida, for a month now, WOW, it’s amazing how much time flies, it was just yesterday when we were in South Africa, all stressed about our visa interviews at the consulate but the most amazing part was anticipating our Departure dates…

It was just yesterday when we landed at JFK international Airport, Just the other day when we felt the pressure and information overload in our new work places… but look at us now !!!
Here is what the Workaway participants, from different country clubs have to say about living in the sunshine of Florida thus far….
…“Amazing, the club is an awesome club to work at, everyone is so friendly and helpful, I am loving every minute of this experience, thank you Workaway”_Jacqui Goodman – Mariner Sands

…”a state with a beauty of the restorative kind”_ Nolwandle Ngwenya – Gleneagles

…”beautiful and serene” _ Kirsty Bethwaite – Windsor

…” has been more than a dream, I have learned and seen things from a whole new perspective” _ Inga Songelwa – Mirasol

Everyone of us seems to be having the time of our lives in this place and we have Workaway to thank for all their hard work in making sure we were  selected in our respective clubs, I speak for many when I say, we are truly grateful, in fact… beyond GREATEFUL !!

And to wrap it up, I say FLORIDA IS :
“ A bucket full of fun, laughter, song and a great bunch of people whom you learn to call family”

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