Thursday, 1 November 2012

...Expectations made into reality...

By Nasiphi Sobahle

Greetings from the Sunny side of FLORIDA, VERO BEACH!!!

Oh, where do I begin when I have so much to say, so much to write about, from the beginning I guess.

Ever heard of expectations made into reality?
That is definitely Windsor Country Club &The Capri (Apartment Complex).

I must say, this is my second week in Vero Beach & I am still in awe, I’m still amazed about so many things, as much as I have been to the USA before, this all feels so new, so different and most of all, so AMAZING!!
Arriving at the Capri was beyond the word awesome, I was amazed by the warm welcome we received from the managers of the apartment complex ( Teressa& David Blair) who had everything ready & organized for us by the time we arrived, we were taken to our allocated rooms, one could swear we were like kids given candy, that was the excitement we all had, the place is amazing, the amenities being the Bonus.
We were given the weekend to recover from the Jet leg.

The welcome at Windsor Country Club was also a good one, everyone was so friendly and all we were ready for was a Great Season in this club.
We have a GREAT management team training us and the most amazing part about our job is how much “TEAMWORK” is practiced and emphasized in this department.

I speak for many when I say “expectations made into reality”, it keeps getting better, something to learn everyday.

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