Sunday, 4 November 2012

From the Cape of Good Hope to the Sunshine State...

By Andre Smith

Well, the last few months at Workaway have kept me very busy with coordinating everyone through the consulate to get their visa. This is probably one of the most stressful parts of the whole recruitment process as each participant’s fate lies in the hands of a consular officer who will decide their future.

This season was successful in everyone getting their visa. Considering that we sent through over 450 applicants at just 3 consulates in South Africa.

Whilst this whole process was taking place I was anxiously awaiting to hear my fate about whether I would get to go to the US again. I was fortunate enough this past season to work for a country club that made a permanent offer of employment to me, which would mean moving to the US fulltime.

After a long wait and with document’s being sent back and forth, my petition was finally approved. I too had to go through the process of going to the consulate to get my visa approved, which was quite nerve wrecking as the interview with the officer could go either way.

The good news is that my visa was approved and I am now preparing to depart for the US. I was all prepared to leaving this past Saturday, Nov 3. Unfortunately due to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy and the over 12000 delayed flights, I am now flying just a week later.

So the bonus is another week of vacation, before the madness of the season begins. I’ve made the most of getting out and enjoying all the things that I will miss whilst away.

Today I spent it relaxing in Blouberg looking back at the iconic view of Table Mountain and soaking up a bit of the “African” culture at Moyo enjoying a group of African dancers jiving to the beat.

Nowhere else in the world will you get to experience what we have here in our beautiful land. This is something you only appreciate when it’s not on your doorstep.

As I now finalize my last few things here and say goodbye to family and friends, I can not stop thinking about what an amazing opportunity lies ahead and the new chapter of my life is written. Some of which I will get to share with you.

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