Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What a Great team!

It has been a busy busy season at Addison Reserve. We had our opening of the new club house and is it beautiful! It has been an adjustment for me, coming from a really small club to a larger one. But I really have enjoyed the challenge.

I have been placed to work in the Steak house “TASTE” and have the privilege to work with Andre from the Cape Town office. The staff at Addison are really great and it’s been an incredible season thus far. There is a large group of us from South Africa as well as the odd one from Romania and Ireland, yet we all seem to get along really well and many great friendships have developed between everyone.

Christmas was great, We decided to do Secret Santa and we all got together on Christmas day for a Dinner to exchange gifts. Surprised at how so many people put so much effort into buying a gift for someone that they might not have known well at all. I have always enjoyed this tradition as it allows people to take time out to find out what someone likes allowing them to get to know each other better and that is how friendships start.

As for New Years Addison held a street fair and then we had dinner at the club, so guess you know what I did for New Year , Yip worked! We had a great band that played live music and Ice sculptures with caviar and we served over 400 people for dinner. Amazing , how everyone just got stuck in to get the job done! I believe we have a great team at Addison Reserve this year and very proud to be a part of the team.

I would like to wish everyone the wings to fly
The vision to dream
The heart to love
And the spirit to embrace all the beauty in life.
May you have a wonderful and prosperous 2012 Happy New Year.

Author: Lucille Earle

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