Tuesday, 31 January 2012

One World!

An experience we’ll share now and forever…………. One World brought together by One Ocean.

What an incredible day, our apartment decided that it was time for us as a “family” to go on an outing. So we decided on Sea World Orlando.
At Sea World we got to experience a multi-sensory celebration of life under the sea that entertains educates and inspires. Majestic killer whales joined us on a journey into a world that drenched our senses in the vivid colours, vitality and global rhythms of the ocean.
Dancing fountains set the stage as we realize we are part of one world, one ocean.
Then off to be entertained by BLUE HORIZONS, an incredible dolphin theatrical performance with a spirit all its own, featuring acrobatic dancing dolphins, soaring birds and leaping water.
Now time to fly, glide and soar headfirst like a ray, on the ride of our life aboard the Manta flying roller coaster, next was fierce, floorless and may I add one of the fastest steel coasters in Orlando the KRAKEN. But that is not all there was still the journey to Atlantis, water coaster full of twists, turns and falls and yes soaked we were.

To end off our day we went off to Down Town Disney, walking the streets we got to go down memory lane with Walt Disney. Emotions gripping through the pictures and events of Disney World, remembering it all started with just a mouse.

We got to enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks at Hard Rock Café before heading home.

Closing thought:
It’s time to celebrate the power we all have to make a difference.

Author: Lucille Earle

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