Sunday, 15 January 2012

A new years to remember!

As the New Year rang in 98% of the staff at Boca West was hard at work. All of the restaurants were full, we had great musicians playing in the Onyx Bar and the members were partying the night away in a fashion that belied their age.

As the time neared the t.v's were set to Times Square so that we could watch the count down and the ball drop. For a South African, and this being the first time I had ever seen this spectacle I can totally see why it is such an amazing thing here in the US.

10...9...8...7....and the count down began, the excitement in the air was pallatable as everyone found a loved one with whom they could share this wonderful occasion. One of my favorite members was kept up way past his bed time by his 5 year old daughter Emma, who just wanted to be awake for this New Year as it would be the first one that she could remember.

3...2...1...Happy New Year!!!!!

Oh my goodness it was amazing. People were laughing, crying, hugging, smiling....hugs all around the bar as The Onyx Crew and the My Pi staff celebrated the New year with 300 Boca Members.

The music after that went crazy, it was just like a night club. Champagne and smiles all around as the members partied away until 2 am on the first day of the year.

From there we cleaned up the streamers, the vague remnants and reminders that just hours before it had been a year ago...the bus on the way home was a-buzz with plans and plans for where we would go and what we would do.

The parties were amazing, and as my friends and I watched the first sunrise of 2012 we were all unbelievably grateful that we could spend it not only together - with our new family - but that we could spend it in an amazing place like America.
Even if resolutions and New years goals are forgotten we will never forget our first New Years in the United states, our first New Years with our new family.

Author: Melissa Rauch

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