Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Back in the US of A!

The time had finally come to head on back to the USA… bags were packed and it was finally sinking in that I was going to be back in Florida in about 24 hours

After an extremely long flight from Johannesburg to New York, I knew the worst was over.. after a 4 hour lay over it was time for another 3 hour flight to Ft Lauderdale but I Knew it was almost over… which just made it that much more exciting!!

Finally after the 24 hours of travelling I finally made it to my final destination in Jensen Beach. It was a real relief, to just sit down and relax for a few hours until all my friends came home from work. WOW… it was getting close to everybody getting home from work…Finally they arrived and I was so excited to see them all and catch up on all their experiences from up north and they were so interested to hear how South Africa was…

Being back at work was great… Seeing my American friend and all the members was very exciting. A few things changed over the summer but it felt like never left… There was no time to settle in it was straight back to where I left off last year, atleast it has not been too busy as of yet but it will soon be crazy with all families coming down for Christmas.

The Workaway party a few weeks was outstanding, seeing all the people from South Africa enjoying and having a good time in the USA..the past week we had our Christmas party its always such a good event because you get too really dress up and see all the people you work with and you get to have a good time with them, which does not happen very often!!!

MIAMI… yay…This is my first real fun adventure since I have been back, I cant wait for Monday as myself and a few friends will be taking a drive to have a nice party before work gets crazy in the weeks to come.

ITS really so amazing being back, I hope everybody is having a good time too.

Author: Tyrone Havenga

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