Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Having fun!!!

Having fun means so many different things to me, as it does to a lot of people.

To me it means the simple things in life - being with my friends, having a chat with family back home, even being on the phone with your "China" friend and still playing our "low blow game" and as usual she wins :)

Meeting new people in the oddest ways, picking something up off the floor, throwing it away only to realise the next day what it was and what you needed it for... Sitting by the pool with a friend, or even on the bus with all your mates laughing and joking... Simply things = having fun :)

There is always a bright side to life, you just have to find it. When you do, not only does life become more fun, but you learn to laugh at the simple things. You learn to take what life throws at you (Lemon = Tequila and Salt!!!) and you learn to smile. Here at Boca West, where I am working, they call it the "Boca Smile" and it has to be worn every day and is our most important work tool, and I agree, it really is, and when you learn that a smile never hurt anyone, you learn that life is more happy and fun :)

I was about to through away a stale box of cereal the other day, and as I lifted it I heard a "different" kind of noise when I shook the box. I opened it to reveal my friends had put a bunch of bottle caps in my stale cereal box. I burst out laughing and sent them the picture. As it goes it was even funnier as they had forgotten all about it.

Just another small thing making life fun :)

Author: Michelle Lowe

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