Sunday, 27 November 2011

View from the ocean!

It's been nearly a month since I arrived and it's been such a roller coaster - it's crazy!

From 2 am shopping at Wallmart, to meeting bus drivers, to taking 6 buses just to get to one shop....

We have had an epic adventure and it just started now. It's amazing

We recently went to Pompano Beach, that's our local beach, quite late one night and it was phenomenal. We didn't do anything wild or exotic, all we did was dig our toes into the sand and we enjoyed being alive and in this remarkable place that we find ourselves in.

As per usual, countless people do not believe that we are from South Africa, because how could we be? Haha, educated people that speak English? Never.
The one day a lady in Publix asked us if South Africa was in Australia....Not quite, Ma'am, but thank you anyway.

The weather here is great if you like humid sticky heat, but it cools down nicely at night and we do get a few driplets of rain every few days.

Thanks Giving was a fun experience. At the Onyx Bar, where I work, we all went around the table at lunch and said what we were thankful for, over huge pieces of

Home sickness? Not anywhere in sight as I get to Whatsapp my parents whenever I get a chance, and skype with the whole, and I do mean WHOLE, family on my days off.I think a huge factor is that I've made such great friends here, from the people I work with to the people that I come home to. Everyone here - South African, Romanian, Irishman and American - is so inviting and welcoming.

We're at home right here.

Author: Melissa Rauch

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