Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bon Voyage...

A lot has happened since I wrote my last blog for the website… We received the approval s for the visa applications which meant the we went into full gear to get everyone to sign and submit their visa applications and prepare for their departures to a new adventure in the USA.

It’s been quite hectic, but exciting as well seeing all the hard work from the last few months come to fruition with the participants going to the consulate for the visa appointments, which has been very nerve-wrecking for all. For many it has been a success story and for few, some have not been so lucky, which is just unfortunate because everyone deserves the opportunity to experience another culture.

A lot of the participants have already flown to the US and started the season. It’s great to see the Facebook updates with everyone’s experiences of flying and settling in. For some it has been the first time they have ever flown. A long way to travel for ones first time, but there is no better way for the travel experience to fly half way across the world. No fear… because your travel instinct (which you don’t know you have) automatically kicks in when you board the flight.

I too decided a few weeks ago to travel again to the US for a different experience. For many seasons I have been fortunate to live in Palm Beach and work for Admirals Cove, but will now take on a new experience at Addison Reserve in Delray Beach. I am VERY excited and can’t wait to go. Luckily, I will have a good support structure with Michelle and Lucille from Workaway joining me there for the season.

I have one more hurdle to pass in getting my visa (nerves) and then hopefully jetting off to the US within the next two weeks. A benefit is that I will for the first time in many years be here in South Africa to celebrate my birthday with friends and family.
So lets hold thumbs that my visa application is successful and I will be joining you in the US of A. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Workaway Party!!

Author: Andre Smith

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