Wednesday, 11 July 2018

From stranger, to friend, to family…

By Robin May

Travelling to the United States of America, on my own, was daunting at first. It was my first time being away from my friends and family. It never occurred to me that for the next 6 months, I would have gained so much more than just great memories but that I would also meet some amazing people.

At presentations, participants always ask: "What if I get home-sick and want to come home?" or "Will I get support from the programme?"

I tell all participants that there is always someone to talk to whether it be your manager at work, your colleagues or your housemates. There are even representatives from the Workaway International programme who are based in Florida to listen to any difficulties you may be facing. 

You make so many friends while in Florida and they quickly become your family away from home. I made such good friends, who are not only from South Africa but from the United States and as far as the United Kingdom.

So, if you have any fears about meeting new people, trust me you are going to make so many friends, have so many laughs and make such great memories that you are going to forget any fears you had in the first place. 

I look forward to returning to the United States of America! I cannot wait to catch up with my Floridian friends and hear all the summer tails, that they have to tell. Here is to many more memories with people that make my days a little easier being away from home.

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