Tuesday, 6 March 2018

We have Passed Halfway!

By Catherine Lindebaum

Wow! I cannot believe it’s already March. Just goes to show that time certainly flies by when you’re having fun!

Well done for making it thus far. To some people, this job is a huge adjustment being away from your surroundings, your friends & family, all while having to adjust to a new culture and work ethic. And that is why I love it: it matures you and helps you become world smart. As well as giving you the opportunity to learn new things with people from other countries - who come into this feeling the same way you do. So WELL DONE, we’ve passed halfway!

February was jam packed with some pretty great events here at Addison Reserve. The one that stood out was our Ladies Member Guest Golf Tournament, which was themed “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It was probably one of the best ones yet! Set over two days, it was absolutely fabulous.

March is looking quite exciting too.

The flu seems to be going around again now with the more humid weather coming along. You can read back in the blogs to find a post I wrote with a couple tips. But basically, this is your flu survival guide in a few images:

So look after yourself and keep on going, we’re almost there!

(thank you to Gideon Heller - @gdariyal - for the photos)

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