Friday, 26 May 2017

Create your own journey in the Sunshine State!

By Claire Smith

Hi everyone, I am Claire Smith and I've recently completed my fifth flight from sunny Florida to Durban, South Africa. It is my third time doing it solo and I've become quiet the travelling pro!

My American adventure started in 2012 and with 5 successful seasons at the Mirasol Country Club under my belt, I am now home to tackle the role of Durban's Workaway International Recruiting Representative for the upcoming season! I want all of you to experience everything I have over the last few years and more!

5 years ago I completed my studies and decided that I need a change of pace. I had no hospitality experience but I was determined to go on this programme. I landed a job at a local restaurant and a few months later went to a Workaway International presentation. Shortly after, I attended orientation and was boarding a plane weeks later.

For the next few months, all 1.56m of me was nervous, anxious and scared. Well, 5 years later and Florida feels like my second home!

This program has allowed me to challenge myself, explore my surroundings and meet the most amazing people.

During my time at Mirasol Country Club, I have gone from a Server to Server Captain and most recently taking on a management role in Food and Beverage.

I have had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico City, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Key West, Las Vegas, New York City and I recently celebrated my 30th birthday in Puerto Rico.

Through this program, I have made lifelong friends. I would never have thought that my first roommate would later become my best friend and I would later be her Maid of Honour! I was still working at the same Country Club with many people who started this journey with me all those years ago!

If you need a change, an adventure, work experience or looking to earn good cash and travel – then I highly recommend joining this program, it is life changing!

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