Monday, 15 May 2017

And then there was America

By Chevonne Kieser

My name is Chevonne Kieser, 28 years old and from Boksburg. I am thrilled to officially introduce myself as the Head Recruiter in Johannesburg for Workaway International for the 2017/2018 winter program.

I recently returned from America and I can honestly say that it has been a life changing experience.

When I left high school, I decided to study Tourism as I always had a passion for travelling. Part of my studies required me to do a six months practical outside of South Africa.  That was the first time I got a taste of the American lifestyle. Although my first working experience in America was not through Workaway International, it was Workaway International that kept me going back for five seasons. 

Having international working experience in hospitality was enough for me to be accepted onto the Workaway International program. I was hired as a hostess at Boca West Country Club, where I worked my way up to Hostess Captain.

This program pushes you to be better. You meet people from all around the world, and they end up becoming family by the end of the season. 

This program is not all fun and games. Yes, work sometimes does not feel like work because of the familiar atmosphere that you are in; but this program does push you to limits you never thought you could reach. It opens up your eyes to things you would not normally see and changes your prospective. You can only grow while being on this program.

I am so excited for the upcoming season and to see what the Johannesburg candidates have to offer. I really look forward to meeting everyone and hope to see you at the upcoming presentations.

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