Monday, 18 August 2014

Exciting time in Jozi!

By Julie-Ann Blom

Well, it's been a crazy time here in Jozi this past month - we've been doing so many presentations and interviews! It's been so wonderful and exciting to meet new recruits and to see the people from our first interviews again.

Last weekend we had our country club interviews. Boca west was first and it was such a lovely day to be able to see everyone that I had interviewed.
There were a few nervous faces, but all the potential candidates were well prepared for the interviews with Boca West Country Club.

Following this was the interviews with Admirals Cove, St. Andrews and Ballisles country clubs, with Mr Bill Mayville there himself! It was a very busy, but exciting day!

Skype interviews were conducted on the Sunday with the rest of the country clubs and I got to see my managers from Sailfish Point Country Club, which was a great treat for me!

I would just like to wish everybody good luck with the rest of the club interviews and hopefully I will see some of you at the pre-departure orientation soon!

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