Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sunny Durban

By Struan Goss

It is great to see the sun out in Durban again as well as signs of the coming spring across South Africa. This past winter was one of our worst ever; it almost got down to 10 degrees! Like the warming weather it is great to see the growing excitement among Workaway’s many wonderful candidates; many of whom will be travelling over to the USA for the very first time. For those participants from Durban among you, I wouldn’t worry too much about missing our warm summer as the weather in Florida is just as wonderful; let alone all the great new first time experiences.

Between working from the Hilton, working from home, telephone calls, conversations and interviews, it has truly been a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people applying for our programme. Given that having a great customer service orientation, and a positive attitude, are some of the key requirements for our programme, at work, I’ve been surrounded by people from all walks of life with wonderful personalities. I’d like to wish all of you the very best of luck with your Club interviews.

To all of the upbeat, friendly people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I hope to bump into you in future and hear about your experiences in the USA. Until heading off, I hope sunny South Africa treats you well.

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