Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Employee appreciation!

By Jasper Burger

It was a gloriously beautiful day in Springfield, New Jersey, when the employees of Baltusrol Golf Club got to enjoy the clubhouse, fitness center, and most importantly, the famous upper and lower golf courses. Generous members of the club volunteered to help out with the day’s preparations, as well as the organising of the event and competitions, including the putting contest, longest drive and best players of the day.

This annual event is one that all employees look forward to.  Every year the event seems to be topped by the previous one – whether it is the amazing food we get to enjoy, the beer and drinks on offer (in moderation of course!), or the amazing prizes that are handed out to participants – all of this makes the day that much more exciting and enjoyable.  Apart from this, and most importantly, is the amount of continued effort that is put into the event by all involved in order to make it a success.

The day usually starts off slowly and picks up pace as all the golf and activities are in full swing.  Some staff enjoy the fitness center on the day, while some like to indulge in a good coffee and bagel in the grill room. During the day, there is no time constraint, meaning that the club is open to us all day - and the relaxing vibe is exactly what is needed after a busy summer!

Prizes on the day include golf gear of top brands like Nike, Adidas, Titleist and Callaway.  Baltusrol shirts, hats, jerseys and shoes are also handed out to each employee.

As the day finishes at the club, it is a tradition to stop by the local pub for one last celebratory “thank you.”  Although this is a good way to show our gratitude to the members who arrange this great event for us, the best way to do so is to get back into the grind at work and to do the very best we can in our respective positions and departments.

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