Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What a welcome!!!

By Nasiphi Sobahle

Leaving our Families and Friends behind on the 21st October must have been the saddest part, after a number of farewell parties and gatherings that we all had with our loved ones.

A long 18hr flight awaited us that day, remembering how excited everyone was when they were collecting their flight details, I guess that was the only time one could actually process that they were leaving, and finally the adventure and dream was becoming a reality!!

We said our goodbyes at the airport, YES, Mixed emotions were in place more than anything else, Bittersweet moments, However we knew what awaited us on the other side of the world, Indeed it was greener pastures.
Exhausted from an 18hr flight, we finally arrived in Florida, Everyone was just so exhausted especially the peeps who flew from Durban to Johannesburg, What made things worse was the 3hr delay we had in Durban, such an unpleasant flight, I’ve never experienced such turbulence- ever!!!!

We arrived at the Gateway Club apartments and received our Apartment keys and I must say, that was the most exciting part of our day, almost like a day made, everyone was thinking of that long awaited shower and changing into clean clothes. As we were directed to our lovely apartments, we were told to make sure that we get some rest as we are requested to be at work the next day at 8am, not even a day of relaxation_ WOW WHAT A WELCOME!!!! But at the end of the day, one is here to work and not on vacation, so this was it!!!
The biggest highlight for me thus far has to be the 8day training we attended, My Goodness, I can’t get over it, I really can’t! You know you will perform your best when you are trained by the BEST, We were trained by one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever come across, the Food and Beverage Director Himself (Mr. Reza Fazard), A man with so much Patience and Understanding, A man who appreciates each individual, as unique as we all are, I am still in awe, astonished that we have such a cool management Team, We also have the funniest Manager from RSA ( Courtney Johnson) ,he’s too COOL!

Overall, Hunters Run, Boynton Beach, Gateway Club have been amazing!
We already pulling long hours at work, I don’t think we anticipated this, not so soon LOL! They always say “Work hard and Party harder” and having said that… We looking forward to the staff party on Monday the 11th November… We have FUN at Hunters Run!!!

Your Girl, Nas Leaves you with this…Oprah Winfrey once wrote “The Biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams” Cheers- Until we meet again!!!

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