Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Home away from home!

By Jasper Burger

It has been exactly a month ago since saying goodbye to family at the Oliver Tambo airport and things have been so busy at Jupiter Hills that time flies by so quickly.

Upon arrival seeing familiar faces at the club was fantastic and truly does feel like a home away from home where colleagues have become friends and where special bonds are made. Thanksgiving is coming up and preparation is critical, working with mostly new crew of South Africans is fantastic as everybody is willing to work hard and help each other. I have been also lucky enough to catch up with my brother, his wife and my little niece in Connecticut NY in between all the craziness where you come to the realization once more how big this country is when you get on a plane in Florida where it is hot and humid and land in New York 2 hours later where it is snowing.

Taking everything in and learning as much as possible from my mentor and manager at work is also something I enjoy daily, mostly I pinch myself just to be sure I'm not in a lucid dream. The festive season is upon us and there is much to look forward to thinking ahead. The conclusion is to keep your head up, work hard and enjoy this gift of travel.

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