Monday, 18 November 2013

The Sun Shine State...

By Nivedna Sewchurran

To all the Workaways, on the program it is my pleasure to welcome you to The Sun Shine State. You have survived that long flight from South Africa to the USA, (which I thought would never end).

By now all of you would have become familiar with the beautiful club that you work at, as well as you would have met all those amazing people that you get to work hand in hand with on a daily bases, that like I mentioned before will become your family away from home.

Do not be overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown your way, after a couple of weeks all the things you are stressing about will become natural. The duties of your position will be "Old Hat" in no time. The names of your members will start flowing past your tongue as if you were with family. If you stay calm and pick up a few things every shift, it will change your life with regards to things getting easier.

Work hard, get those hours, make those dollars, but also remember, to get some sun as you are of course in The Sun Shine State.

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