Friday, 6 September 2013

You've come this far...

Nasiphi Sobahle

Here you are, at stage 6 (Pre- Departure Orientation), who ever thought?
I guess once you receive that long awaited telephone call from Workaway, informing you that you have been accepted by a particular Golf Country Club, that is when it suddenly dawns on you that you will be jetting off to the USA ...SOON!!!!! 
It is always good reminiscing , looking back at where you come from and where you are at present, especially with a process so intense, so particular and up to date as the Workaway Process...You should be proud of yourself, having said that... REMEMBER when you first attended the presentations? I don't really think you had any slight idea that today you would be this EXCITED because a prestigious Golf Country Club has had an interest in YOU, an interest in getting you on board with them, That is Super Amazing...That was just stage one out of the 8 stages, You, For yourself saw the large amount that turned up in Stage 1, hopeful candidates who had the same dream as you, candidates who wished for the same opportunity as yourself but unfortunately, not all of us made it thus far.

Two (2) more steps (Visa Application + Departure to the USA) to go and you are all set, then your long awaited opportunity will be knocking on your door and becoming a reality. In all that you do... I say to you... I believe that self - improvement is a journey that anyone who wants to excel in life must take, look at the Workaway Opportunity as a road to Self - Improvement + Discovery , YOU can only get better from here and so will your journey...

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS for making it thus far in the process... 

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