Thursday, 19 September 2013

When the excitement amounts...

By Nasiphi Sobahle

WOW, WOW & WOW…!!!!!
On a beautiful Tuesday evening (10th September 2013) … Hundreds of successful Workaway candidates gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Durban for Their Pre- Departure Orientation…

One couldn’t help but notice the HUGE SMILES as everyone began coming into the Hotel, Eager Candidates, Keen, Smiley Faces…Everyone walked in Gracefully, All geared up for Information Overload regarding where to from the Pre- Departure Orientation ( Stage 6 )… I do know what everyone was thinking though…It is stage 6 out of the 8 stages on the Workaway Program, certainly we are almost at the end of the tunnel, Almost completed the race, Little did they know what really lies ahead from here…

Important information was given out by Charlotte & later on, we were separated according to our respective Country Clubs, This was social time after so much of information to program, some made friends during the Social while some managed to find roommates… In all of this being done, it was evident enough that the Durban Candidates Live by their motto “HUGE SMILES” and one couldn’t, not by any chance miss the excitement that filled the meeting room in which we gathered in, SMILES resemble HAPPINESS, JOY, EXCITEMENT… and this was definitely what filled the room, all the HUNTERS SMILES, BALLEN_SMILES & MIRA_SMILES (to name a few LOL) were no near being hidden, what an amazing crowd.

The majority of us began with our medical examinations the following day, as much as you know that you are somehow clear from what we have to be tested for, you can’t help but worry about the blood test results etc, My friends and I had a Monday (16 September 2013) GP appointment, I can’t really express in words how excited you become when you are informed that you have PASSED your medical evaluation, such an amazing feeling knowing that you are a step closer to the finishing line of the process. Now what is next???

At this stage, it feels like it is the beginning of the process, with so much to do in so little time.
DS_160 Visa Application Forms, Take Visa Pictures (The CORRECT size), putting your ties to RSA together and getting yourself ready for that US Consulate Interview.
It is stressful, that much I know, BUT, I strongly recommend that you listen to the advice that Workaway will give you closer to your interview and on the other side, your Girl “Nas” leaves you with this_ Think, Act, Speak Positively, against all Odds!!!!Cheers, Until we meet again J

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