Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Go for it!

By Nicole Mongie

A new face! So here is the need to know: I am 23 years of age and went on the Workaway International programme for the first time as part of my studies. I studied Hospitality management and in my first year I had to do a practical session of 6 months. So at age 21 I packed my bags as a shy girl wanting to see more! My first time to the United States was fun. I knew the people I stayed with, was fortunate to have my own room and met so many different people. Flying for the first time, staying in West Palm Beach and going to South Beach Miami were opportunities that I was fortunate enough to experience, thanks to Workaway International.

Three years later, I met the love of my life and we decided to give it one more go! This time round everything was a first for him. We went to the same club, Palm Beach Country Club. PBCC is a much smaller intimate club and the people are my second family.

What do you have to know must be the question you want answered? I’ll try my best, but know: no one can prepare you for the journey that lies ahead. I went as a shy girl and came back outspoken. The clubs look after you, so honestly do not worry that you will be stuck with nowhere to go. On arrival in the States Workaway meets you at the airport and takes you to your apartment. Should you need any assistance Workaway will always be available. Getting around is easy with public transport and yes, you can live a very comfortable lifestyle with your wages. You will face challenges, make friends, have your cat fights and work hard make no mistake.

Three of my most memorable experiences would be my visit to Palm Beach Zoo, a day tour of Palm Beach Island by bike and of course the 2 day Bahamas cruise!! The highlight for my boyfriend must have been to drive all the expensive exclusive cars as a valet!

The aim of the trip was to see more than the first time and save money. I have been back just over two months and have bought my own car. My conclusion through all the ups and downs? My experience was worth it!

My advice to people who are considering to go on the program? Go for it! Do it for yourself. You will get the chance to travel, make money and develop your personal skills.

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