Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The creation of weeds is a beautiful thing.

It’s that time of the season. Everyone hustling to try and go up north or making up their minds to go home and work beginning to get the better of us all. 'Uncle' meets with us to chat and keep us motivated, managers try to keep us going and so do your friends and family you make during your time here. Keeping yourself motivated at this point is essential to your survival (corny but true) so basically what I’m saying is, you got to laugh and smile, even if it’s at silly things, even if it’s at yourself. Things actually aren’t that bad when you really look at it. I'm glad I’m here, the experiences I’ve gained while here are priceless and worth all the emo times. I’m good for now (till I eat too many sweeties and get sugar rushes late at night) so…

I’m keeping this short and sweet because sometimes less is more (think about that!). It’s true that the little things in life sometimes matter the most so smile guys, it could be worse.

Author: Michelle Lowe

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