Monday, 20 February 2012

Great work, great fun!

So...the season is in full swing now, everyone is running around and so busy at work. So many things going on but this is what we are here for... to work hard.

Is that time of the season when everyone is working so hard so we can get an opportunity to go up north for the next season, with interviews that have just happened we all very anxious to see how we did and who will be going to which club, it’s very exciting but on the other hand very nervous times for all, all you have to hope for is the best. We all can’t stop talking about what we will do when we “hopefully” get there :)

In the meantime you just have to make the best of the time while you are here, I Always have such a great time knowing that I’m so lucky to be here and experiencing all these great things that the US has to offer.

There is just so many things we are planning to do, Universal studios in the next few weeks is going to be amazing, all the AWESOME rides and roller coasters are overwhelming, if you think Gold Reef City or Ratanga Junction is fun you have seen nothing yet until you get to Universal,
So many things to do but time just goes by so quick...

Hope everyone in the USA is having lots of fun and the people reading this in South Africa get over here it is all worth it, you will have the time of your life!!!!

Author: Tyrone Havenga

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