Monday, 7 December 2015

THANKSGIVING (in every sense)

By Nasiphi Sobahle

As we all know that "Thanksgiving " is amongst the well/ most celebrated public holidays in the United States of America, where families gather, cook up a storm & enjoy quality time with friends & Family. The purpose of this holiday goes beyond the family gatherings and Turkey,  research shows that the nature & scope of the holiday is quite broad & extensive.

I believe for us at Hunters Run, Thanksgiving is the Kickstart to our winter season, the majority of our club members have family up North, mainly in New York & New Jersey and due to the current season (Winter) , we cater for this large group that travel to Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend and the bonus for them is of course the lovely & warm weather of the Sunshine State.

Now, Thanksgiving at Hunters Run is celebrated in every sense, and after a week of hype and buzz around the public holiday, The club was very busy and we managed to provide not just good member service but EXCELLENT MEMBER SATISFACTION overall leaving the members and their families with long lasting Thanksgiving memories.

 On November 30, a week after the craziness of Thanksgiving,  Hunters Run organized a year end employee party for us and in more ways than one, this party is known to be one of showing gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement to the staff of the club from all departments and the one thing that really stands out for me is the fact that we always have a member volunteering his time to serve us in return of saying "Thank You" and we could have never asked for a lovely Bartender like Mr. Jack Eickelcheck (Member at Hunters Run) , Such a beautiful and kind gesture. .. hence "Thanksgiving in every sense."

Happy holidays my Dear South Africans, Irish and Romanian peeps.

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