Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Workaway, Behind the adventure - Part One

By Lise Kotze

So there I sat, in an office in the corporate finance world - a job I did indeed love. I was surrounded by an ocean of numbers, but soon realised that this is not where I would find the answers I was looking for.

With my contract coming to an end I had a feeling that it was time to find something ‘more.’  As this expiration date slowly started to creep up on me, the excitement of a new adventure continued to beckon inside my heart like an endless echo between hills.

It was during this time that I, by chance, saw the light at the end of my daunting job-hunting tunnel.

This light was in the form of a Workaway International vacancy advertisement.  I stumbled upon this while perusing the exciting opportunities that a friend had led me to since finding his own adventure on the program.

Armed with nothing but an email address, I jumped in to high gear and sent off a list of my worthiness in the form of a neatly typed out curriculum vitae and motivational email. With a willful determination I pressed send....

Then I patiently waited, not knowing that this would be the beginning of my journey to the behind-the-scenes team of Workaway international – the factory where I believed opportunities and adventures were created for the lucky few who were deserving….

18 May 2015 - This date now holds a new significance as it marks the day I finally stepped in to the Workaway offices as part of the team.

I was welcomed with the warmest of smiles as I arrived on my first day. Immediately the fast paced environment was clear as we started preparing for a day of presentations and interviews. From the day I entered those doors I was thrown in to this whirlwind world with no yearning to ever look back.

Nearly a month later, the immense amount I have learnt is something I cannot explain. It is like stepping in to a secret that thrills you and never manages to leave you once it’s entered your mind.

As I know I am only in the beginning stage of my journey, I eagerly sit, day after day, awaiting the unconditional knowledge that is still to come on this path of new experiences.

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