Wednesday, 24 June 2015

One Last Chance!

By Dayne Swanepoel

It has been a very interesting and busy time since my first blog post. I can’t believe we are just past the halfway mark for the upcoming season’s presentations and interviews, so here’s a little update on what’s been happening on my side.

We recently hosted a presentation at the Capital Moloko Hotel in Johannesburg.  As it was Father’s Day, the turnout was not as good as our first presentation, but I was really grateful for the amazing people who came through. I hope to see all of you at the Country Club interviews soon!

The returners attending the presentations have shared some really fascinating stories, and have helped ensure that these sessions run smoothly.  They’ve also been on hand to answer all your questions along the way.  A big thank you to everyone involved – without you, our successful presentations would not be possible, and you have all been fantastic!
The hospitality schools have always been a great place for us to host presentations and find candidates - that has been no different this year.  I really appreciate them all welcoming us back again, and as always, we have found some great potential recruits.

The Workaway interviews are taking place at Regus in Sandton this year, and have been fantastic. This is the part of the recruitment process that I have enjoyed the most, and I’ve been blown away by what Johannesburg has to offer.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone on a more personal level and I hope we can keep ‘em coming!  I’m sure you all are going to do great with the Country Club interviews.  

During our marketing in and around Johannesburg this year, I have met an abundance of really great staff working in the hospitality industry.  Some of the restaurant managers I’ve met are open to their staff applying for our program, affording them the opportunity to gain valuable international experience.

We have one more presentation in less than one month, and this is the last chance for potential Joburg candidates to grab this once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Tell your friends and their friends too. We still need many quality recruits for our upcoming season! 

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