Thursday, 13 March 2014

"Service and team work - the name of the game!"

By Nasiphi Sobahle

March 2014 marks the start of my fifth month in America as part of the Workaway International programme, and what a journey it has been!
December through to mid-February are definitely the busiest months at all the country clubs in Florida, so I’ve had a challenging, but fun-filled time.

Now after all the hard work of the festive season, we’ve finally found some downtime, where everyone begins to work “regular” hours once more as the season slowly draws to an end.  That being said, service is certainly still top priority, even if it means we look like zombies while doing it!

As the country club experienced its busiest period over the past holiday season, a lot of preparation and planning had to take place in order for us to deliver good quality service from all departments.

TEAM WORK was definitely the name of the game – hosting indoor and outdoor functions / banquets, private member parties, and themed dinners like “The Lobster Extravaganza”.  We all had to pull together and work as a team in order to make each of these events a success.

Working hard on these events has given us all the opportunity to learn something outside of our usual departments because, at the end of the day, we are one team with one common goal: to keep the members happy.  Working together is KEY and we are led by the Hunters Run Slogan: “DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE.”

Overall, Christmas away from home had to be the most difficult part of my December.  We were given Christmas Eve off and we all decided to gather and have a real “South African” Christmas Dinner as we would normally have back at home with our families.

As we all know, South Africans always love to have a good time and the South African Year-End Party, organized by some amazing individuals at the country club, was a night to remember!  We all gathered in West Palm Beach to say goodbye to 2013 and to welcome 2014 with open arms in true South African fashion.

All in all, I would like to wish all the participants a happy and healthy 2014 and to urge us all to never forget the primary reason that made us embark on this journey: to learn and experience things that make us stronger individuals!

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  1. I wish I was sharing this experience with you.I hope you achieve more in 2014.Continue to excel in all you do.