Monday, 8 July 2013

Our Heritage

By Jasper Burger
So we are certainly in the swing of things and I have met some awesome people at our presentations thus far. Interviewing applicants have also been a pleasure. The eagerness of the applicants to see the United States really struck me this year so far.

Between presentations and interviews there is a lot of promoting  taking place and I find myself lucky enough to stop now and then and take it all in. Last week promoting and creating awareness of Workaway in the small town of Cullinan was an absolute delight. Talking to people there who have never left Gauteng was an eye opener but I was a breath of fresh air for them as well I hope. It got me to thinking that sometimes we are all so busy with work and responsibilities that we don’t even realize the Historical significance of our own towns, Cities or Country. Take me for instance, driving past the Union Building on a daily basis where leaders make decisions for our great country and I haven’t stopped there in 10 years…or the Voortekker Monument that was built to commemorate the day of the vow.

My point is that we as Workaway applicants want to go see America and experience their cultures and history but just make sure you fully do the same and embrace our very own great country as well. We as South Africans have a great heritage and we need to remind ourselves of that fact every now and then.

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