Monday, 27 May 2013

Meeting new people!

By Jasper Burger
It has been awesome this month of May as I have been going around all over Gauteng recruiting and meeting some real fantastic people, especially at the Hotel and Chef academies I saw some real passion for the industry and that Gauteng has no shortage of good people to work in top establishments.

Also Golf Academies with some real talented sportsman and cool people all around. It has been fun up to this point recruiting and I am sure that’s not going to change. There was a good turnout at the Johannesburg presentation with quality people showing up and it was fun catching up with the returners reminiscing about our time spent in the USA was also a trip down memory lane. Interviews were great  this week and I am looking forward to it and getting to know applicants a bit better.
That being said the realization that this is only the beginning makes me excited and enthusiastic about the next few months of recruiting and meeting new people. When you all get on the plane to go to Florida, now that’s going to be a whole new level of excitement for all of us.

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