Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jupiter Hills.....My Favourite!

By Nivedna Sewchurran
Workaway has been there for me from day one, and continues to be there today. When I was scared, to enter a new country by myself not knowing what to expect on the other side Workaway was there.
Going to my first club which was St Andrews was amazing, it was huge with 4 golf courses and over 2 thousand members. After my season was done there, I moved on to a much smaller club , being Boca Pointe, with just 1 golf course and membership being much older than my previous club. Over the seasons I moved around in search of my perfect club, and ended up at, I think might be the highest shoreline point in Florida, being Jupiter Hills Golf Club.
Jupiter Hills is like no other club I know. The membership is amazing. They are very curious of my background, family, desires, and truly concerned about me. The management team is more like family than bosses. They enjoy people with personality and encourage us to use it with the membership. Our food and beverage manager Andrew Zaino is not only the best at what he does, he is the most caring person you will ever meet. Our GM Atilla Kardas has a welcoming personality and allows us to do our jobs without micro - management. The culture established at the club is stellar and gives us a comfortable level not found in most clubs. So although I am so far away from my family and friends, Jupiter Hills is my home away from home!!   ~ Johnson~

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