Friday, 14 July 2017

Durban has blown me away!

By Claire Smith

My first month of being Durban’s recruiter for the 2017 recruitment season has been amazing. My duties for the week include marketing, presentations and interviews.

When I do marketing, I get to explore and discover hidden gems like the amazing golf courses, Prince’s Grant Golf Estate and Simbhiti Country Club, not to mention the incredible restaurants we have stretching from the South Coast all the way to the North Coast.

It has been great walking into exclusive establishments and seeing familiar faces of those who have been on the Workaway International programme years ago.

I always knew Durban candidates had amazing potential. I get to meet talented individuals who are passionate about the hospitality industry which makes presentations and interviews so enjoyable.

Workaway International has allowed me to experience adventures in the United States and now at home as well. I wish our candidates all the best as they gear up for their country club interviews. Remember to be polite, dress smart and most of all - just be yourself!

Durban is going to make me proud, I just know it 😊.

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