Sunday, 18 June 2017

Exploring the Big Apple!

By Emma Seager

I am a month into my New York adventure and this place is like no other.  I am in Long Island, which is stunning on its own. It is more suburban and reminds me of home. There are beaches not too far away, which I am definitely going to spend a lot of time at.

New York City is where my focus has been for the past 3 weeks, for obvious reasons.  I am lucky enough to have one of my best friends from school living in New York and I was offered a guided tour. There is so much to do and see in the city and I have only seen a few so far. I am in no rush as I have the next 6 months to explore!

Central Park is spectacular. I have probably only seen a small section of it, as it is vast! On my next trip into the city, which is about a 40 min train ride, I want to go on a little row boat on the lake in Central Park as well as watch a free Shakespeare play. There are always free concerts there and I plan on taking advantage of that.

Recently, I had an amazing experience visiting Ground Zero New York Museum and going to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. This is not for the faint-hearted. It is an extremely shocking and depressing museum. At the same time, it is such an incredible tribute to those who were involved in the 9/11 attack. The detail is insane, from pieces of the original towers, to the burnt and damaged fire engines, graphic pictures and videos, even voice recordings from phone calls made by the victims to their family and personal items along with the stories of those they belonged to.  It is a space that pays respect not only to the victims but the hundreds of rescue personnel who sacrificed their lives.

I also visited the American Museum of Natural History which is incredible and one of the best museums in the world. I need to go back because I have not seen everything. There is just way too much to see at one time.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Working hard is worth it when one gets to live and explore a city like this. Next up is Brooklyn Bridge and Time Square, but there is plenty of time and I do not want to rush things. I will rather really enjoy every experience to the fullest. 

P.S. You have to try New York doughnuts. If you think Wicked Doughnuts are good, think again. I need to develop some self-control! I still have not tried the famous New York pizza, but there is no way I am having doughnuts and pizza in one day. I will fill you in when the time comes. Overall, work has been amazing, I have met some great people and I know this season is going to be an experience I will treasure forever. I have even come to love the members… well, most of them anyway! The club is beautiful and I love my role as bartender here. I look forward to having a very successful and memorable season!

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