Monday, 16 January 2017

Making it RAIN

By Emma Seager

So we just finished Christmas week and “tired” is a complete understatement. I worked two weeks straight with no off days BUT I just got my pay cheque and MAN it was worth it. It’s hard work in season SO PREPARE YOURSELF! Especially at a big club like Boca West, expectations are high, we were serving around 1200 people on Christmas Eve, but it really does pay off once you see all that cash money. Boca West goes all out for these events and we had some amazing set ups and displays. My favourite was definitely the seafood buffet! The chefs even carved out ice sculptures as décor. One of our head Chefs dressed up as Santa and walked around the club giving us all ice cream! He did this every day before our evening shift.

It’s tough sometimes at these big events because members can sometimes be extremely demanding and occasionally rude, and you just have to take it all in your stride.

The managers are great and always there for you, they work through Christmas week with us with no off days and really are team players. I am in the bar as a cocktail server and we are like a big family, there are only 21 of us in our department so we can really get to know each other because we work together so often. We also get the most overtime which is a bonus!! Things have slowed down a little now, but we are preparing to open the new steakhouse where I will be moving to and it’s looking beautiful! (Watch this space). The steakhouse is a fine dining restaurant, so when that opens along with another new restaurant called Grand Central, we will be really busy again… or “in the weeds” as they say here at Boca. We should also be busy at the end of February when all the members come back for president’s week so I am sure I’ll have a lot to tell you about that!!! 

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