Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I am settled in so what now?

By Marvin Seekoei

Hi fellow Workaway participants. By now your homesickness should be gone and everyone should be well settled in at work. Most of you have had a taste of how busy it can get with Thanksgiving and for the next couple of weeks it should maintain a steady pace up until New Year’s Day?

So what now?

Now is the time to set up some little goals for yourself.

First goal should be to save some money. Whether you’re going north or back to South Africa, saving a little bit of money would not hurt you. For most of you there will be between 12 – 15 pay checks. Putting away $75 per pay check would end up getting you to +/- $1000 and of you add in your tax return you could end up with a handsome amount.

Second goal should be to buy yourself some nice clothing items. I would recommend you shop at stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. I even buy clothes online where you can get some nice items very inexpensive like on E Bay and Amazon. I think you could spend approximately $50-$60 each pay cycle and you will be amazed how much you end up with.

Third goal should be to travel and explore this beautiful country. If this is your first season then I would recommend to just focus on Florida for now and whether you come back or go up North you could explore more States. For example you should do a cruise to Bahamas, spend a day or two in Miami. Sleep in a Hostel and not a Hotel when visiting Miami. You could also go to Naples to swim with dolphins on the West Coast. Just rent a car from Enterprise with 4 friends and it will cost almost nothing. Lastly you definitely would want to go to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Disney World and watch at least a basketball, football or baseball match. It’s a lot of fun! Also look out for some of your favourite artist who loves to come down to Florida for concerts and music festivals. Just check Google for all information.

All these things are possible in the next few months so good luck with your season and I want to wish you a Happy Holiday!

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