Thursday, 27 October 2016

“Work”away…Ahem…what work?

By Emma Seager

I leave for Florida in roughly 3 weeks. It has not even hit me yet because getting to this point has been one hell of a roller coaster ride… ‘DilEMMA’ is clearly my middle name! I am quite possibly the most frustrating candidate that Workaway International staff have had to deal with to date!

From being declined… to going for an interview and being accepted… to having my exam dates changed to December and having to pull out of the program… to organising to write early with my University (who would have thought)… to thankfully securing a job as a Cocktail Server at Boca West.

I have pestered Workaway more than one could think imaginable, I am pretty sure they have my number on speed dial! Through all the craziness and back-and-forth regarding the status of my situation, this process has been somewhat effortless, regardless of all the hurdles and obstacles.

The Workaway employees are clearly superhuman! I am so thankful for all the speedy responses and efficiency on their part. What is this ‘work’ you speak of??? I guess I will be finding out shortly! But so far so good - thanks to Workaway :) America here I come!!!



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