Wednesday, 18 May 2016

HUNTERS RUN - Where Champions are made!!!

By Nasiphi Sobahle

Just like that, the season has come to an end! 
Please allow me share my personal experiences while working at Hunters Run. 

Believe me, I'm not being subjective when I say that Hunters Run is the best Country Club around, with the overtime being the cherry on top! It's a powerhouse where champions are made and groomed above and beyond everything and anything. 

I first joined the club in 2013 and I have been with them ever since. The experience differs from season to season and of course, the more you return, the better your experience will be.
I remember walking onto the premises of Hunters Run for the first time back in 2013 for orientation. It all seemed so different from what I knew. At that time I had no experience whatsoever in restaurants, but after a couple of days of training I figured out that it's not rocket science to be a server. It's your attitude that takes you that extra mile! I've never relied on my personality more than I did when I started going on the program. 

Today, I can safely say that my personality has allowed me to establish myself in the hospitality industry. I never, for one moment, imagined that I would be so close to the golf and tennis members, my co-workers (both local and internationals) and the management team of Hunters Run. 

At Hunters Run it has been emphasized over and over again, how important the steps of service are. We are taught and trained to look at "service" with a different perspective.

Firstly, the perspective of a doctor offering therapy, because you encounter different members every day and not everyone is always happy. You will deal with difficult members and you can't keep everyone happy, but giving good customer service, can make their day and lead to lasting impressions.

Secondly you must see it as art. Have you ever heard the saying "Do what you love so that you never have to work a day in your life." Customer service is exactly that! My art is my personality where I add my own salt and pepper to leave lasting impressions.

 The little things that we tend to disregard in service are those that matter the most. Little things such as acknowledging your table on time, table maintenance and following the steps of service, can add to the personal touch of creating good impressions and thus leading to customer satisfaction.  

This has been the best season for me as I witnessed all the Workaway participants (Irish, South Africans and Romanians) grow in their own unique ways. We had such a lovely group that ultimately became like family and you can only imagine what everyone went through when we all had to part ways. I've never experienced such unity in all the seasons I have done. That was the beauty of the season. 

We have now all gone our separate ways, some up north and some have returned to their respective countries, but I must admit that everyone has won my heart this season and I hope to see the majority of you at Hunters Run again next season.

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