Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Home away from home!

By Megan Nevett

Trying to decide what to say and what topic to choose to write about, I find myself thinking back on all the absolutely incredible memories I have made, places I've seen and people I've met. It’s here, The good byes, the "I'll see you soon" and some "I’m so glad that's over with". The next chapter is approaching... And fast. It is scary to think that it's just been a few months since I first arrived, fresh from South Africa and not knowing anyone here. Now I have made friends who feel like family and I live in a place that I now call home.

Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of downs, with tears and bad days, feeling home sick. However those days fade faster than they arrive and all is forgotten when you are surrounded by friends laughing and joking about something only you will understand.

You have nights where you stop, take a step back and thank your lucky stars that you met such amazing people. The team you work with become your family and we have each other’s back. We fight and argue, moan and get annoyed by each other, yet we support and love one another and we forgive and forget. Just like family, there is an incredible bond that forms and unites us, something I can try to explain but only once you experience it for yourself will you truly understand it.

The places I've seen, the crazy nights I've had, the difficult mornings, the wild adventures, the great people, the mistakes, the lessons and the freedom... the memories I will never forget. West Palm Beach, you have been good to me. I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Time truly does fly, when you are having fun, right?

It’s time for the next chapter in Boston. Pine Brook Country Club, see you soon!

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