Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our hunt for potential recruits!

By Melissa Chauvet

The Workaway team has been hard at work for the past few weeks, marketing the program, distributing flyers and approaching numerous restaurants, hotel schools and varsities for potential candidates to join our upcoming season.

I’d like to urge suitable candidates to take this opportunity with both hands and attend one of our remaining presentations. The outcome of these presentations has been amazing thus far, and we’ve met some great candidates along the way.  There are still a few more presentations coming up over the next few weeks – you can find all these details on our website if you were unable to attend prior sessions.

Word of mouth has also brought a lot of great applicants forward, if you know of anyone currently in the hospitality industry that could be interested in the program please direct them to our next presentation.
If you are interested in attending a presentation and are excited to apply to the program, don’t delay!  We’re still looking for great candidates with hospitality experience – for example, chefs who have been working in the kitchen for two years, or servers who have been working for at least three months.  While not all our positions require experience, most of them do and this will to put you in a favourable position for our program!

Although the country clubs train their staff, having background knowledge about the hospitality industry is a great advantage.

So come and see for yourselves what a great opportunity Workaway International has to offer.  It can help you take your experience to the next level, internationally!

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