Monday, 23 February 2015

Members Tournament!

By Jasper Burger

When you walk up the hill at Jupiter Hills club you see one of the most beautiful sunrises Florida has to offer. We are preparing for a golf tournament today. First coffee is out of the way and work needs to start for the day’s event.

Our ladies member tournament is a busy one with 120 ladies playing 36 rounds of golf over 2 days and the Food and Beverage department is responsible for all the events within the clubhouse such as breakfast and lunch being served and a cocktail reception with delicious h’ordeuvres.

 All departments have to work closely together to make this event enjoyable for the ladies. Golf/ recreational staff, kitchen and dining room staff have to pull together to make this a memorable event which is never a problem as we all respect one another. Around 6pm our sunset almost matches our sunrise and gives us a second wind to finish the day.

It is all worth it to work hard in a place like Jupiter Hills. One just needs to remind oneself that sometimes to take a good look around. See these beautiful photos!!!

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