Monday, 21 October 2013

And so it is...

By Nivedna Sewchurran

Congratulation to all those who have made it on this program, and to those who didn't quite get this far, remember there is always next year, so don't be dis heartened, as your time to shine will come....  

After the long stressful months of screening, interviews and of course waiting (which was the worst) many of you are now ready / or have already jetted of to the USA... It's a bitter sweet emotion for both candidates as well as parents having to say good bye to their kiddies, but I'm sure they know you will do great. P.S - Please do call your parents as often as possible, as they do miss you!! 

It's been a great experience to have worked for Workaway as the Durban Representative; I got to meet some amazing people, with lovely personalities, which I think is what we look for!!! Like our motto in Durban remember "Big Smiles". Thank you guys for making this recruiting season fun and easy as most of your personalities did shine through during the interviews which made my job simple. 

But for now, you off to sunny Florida to start your work season at an amazing country club. Take in and learn from this experience as for many it is only but a dream. Fun and hard working times are ahead, make us proud!! And please make smart choices....  

But for now 

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