Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last few days!

It's been a long season (six months) with it's ups and downs, both with work and personally, but the last few days have been really, really good. I had my last day of work on Sunday, and had my "staff appreciation party" the day after, on Monday (yesterday, technically speaking). It was mere coincidence that my last day happened to be after the staff party, so it almost felt like a send off. The last time I'd be on BallenIsles property would be at a party, haha! And it was awesome. It wasn't the type of party you may immediately assume (drinks, loud music, etc) but was still a great time. The food was great, the people were great, and the "activities" were pretty awesome. The club organised tournaments and events in several different categories. From attempting to hit a few balls around on the tennis courts, to trying to chip a golf ball into a specifically designated area, to randomly trying to be the first to eat a watermelon with your hands behind your back, all in all it was a good ol' time.
It was a close call, but Jeff managed to get through his in about a minute or so, I came in a close second (debatable), haha. Now Jeff walks around just yelling out "The Champ is here" after winning most of the days events. 

Anyway, the closer I get to leaving, the more I realise how much I'm going to miss all these guys. They really have become my family for the past six months, for all intents and purposes. I've formed such bonds with so many of them, it's going to be difficult saying goodbye. Love you guys!
I will be heading North later this week, beginning my trip in New York! I can't wait! I'll keep you guys updated!

Author: Michael Elliott

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