Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Adventure begins!

So the time has come and we get to go on our first trip, Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. Everyone super
excited about the trip, we all get the bus at 5H45 and are amped for our 3 hour bus ride to Orland.
Off we go…
Arriving just before 10am we all get going and form groups and head out to enjoy a fun filled day. I have had the
opportunity of going to Universal 4 times previously so this was number 5 and I was just as excited. I paired up with 3 good friends, Mirela from Romania, Gillian and Charl from South Africa or should I say with Cinderella, Gilly bean
and Charles as they are better known, lol.
… And so the adventure begins.
We decided to start with Universal studio park first. We went on our first roller coaster and it was an indoor coaster “the Mummy” and my was it great, with three D special effects that where amazing! Then was Men in Black :-) and that was so funny I laughed all the way, next Bart Simpson 3D roller coaster and my, did I enjoy it! and I can go on and on…
Off to Island of Adventure and a chance to shoot up into the air on a roller coaster and flip upside down before beginning an adrenalin rush and feeling weak at the knees, Wow that was great!!! “the Hulk” coaster. We got to meet Scooby Doo and Dora and even enjoy the Harry Potter ride, now that is indescribable. Jurassic Park and so many more adventurous rides and places to see. We all felt like kid’s again and enjoyed every moment. We even got to wait 40 minutes for a water ride “RipSaw” and my did we get soaked on the ride and all I heard was Cinderella and Charles laughing behind me, every time another wave came into the boat. So much fun! It is always nice to share experiences with such great people and create memories for a life time. If you have not yet been to see the Park, it is a must for everyone.
And so the adventure lives on…

Author: Lucille Earle

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